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Elephant poaching has reached crisis levels with nearly a 100 elephants killed every day.  These animals need YOUR HELP or else they face extinction. 

Park rangers who tirelessly to protect these creatures but face poachers who are highly militarized and well-equipped. Rangers face a daily threat to their own lives while trying to protect the lives of elephants and other high target species.

H.O.P.E. - Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants - is raising funds to send advisory, training, and technical services to grassroots organizations in Africa that work tirelessly to protect wildlife from poachers. H.O.P.E. works in tandem with these organizations to financially enable them to grow and protect precious African wildlife and conservation land, while countering the illicit ivory trade.

Your donations make a difference! Each dollar raised will bring critical training curriculum, supplies, and cutting-edge technology to wildlife rangers who work tirelessly in the field day and night.

Help H.O.P. E. today. DONATE to SAVE IVORY.


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